Dayl Thomas for Wilmington City Council District 7

Libertarian ready to serve you!

Thank you for taking an interest in the well-being of our community!

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I'm running to reduce the size and scope of local government. Voting for me on Nov. 3rd will help do the following:

> Have a councilperson ready to listen to what you want done locally!

> Have a councilperson ready to donate all of his pay to local charities of your choice because it's your money!

>Have a councilperson who works towards smart and efficient government!

>Reduce city council spending!

> Reduce regulations to give you more freedom to find work or start your own business!

> Reduce gun violence by having more work options!

> Keep local city government out of your homes and wallets! 

> Limit how long people can serve in office so you can one day run for office!


Stand Up Delaware:

Vote for Dayl on Nov. 3rd!