Dayl Thomas for Wilmington City Council District 7

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News Journal Wilmington City Council Survey

News Journal WCC Survey

  1. What are your top two priorities if elected?

    1. Reducing the amount of spending of city government.

    2. Reduce the amount of laws and regulations to liberate the citizens of Wilmington and allow the free market to work.

  2. What policies would you promote to improve residents’ trust of the police department and reduce violent crime?

    1. Reducing the amount of laws and regulations on the books. If the only illegal activity is fraud and the initiation of force and coercion, then the police can be more focused on stopping true crimes and leaving the vast majority of citizens alone in peace. In turn, the police will be seen as peace officers again and not as enforcers, which will encourage citizens to work with the police.

    2. Gun violence stems from drugs being illegal. If we really want to reduce gun violence, give hope instead of jail time to our youth, make police friendly and approachable to our citizens, and reduce racial inequality, we need to petition the state government to end the prohibition on drugs. Treat drug use as a medical condition, not as a criminal offense.

    3. I support body cameras for police officers. This way, we have a better tool to show what happened during an incident than “he said, she said”. It keeps both police officers and the public safe by making people think twice about their actions.

  3. What policies would you promote for city residents of all incomes to live in safe, quality, and affordable housing?

    1. Get rid of laws that restrict home owners, home buyers, landlords, and renters from utilizing the free market. These would include getting rid of price caps, zoning laws, number of occupants laws, etc. Fostering healthy, friendly competition will drive down prices and increase the quality of domiciles, making affordable housing truly affordable.

  4. What role would you have city government take in Wilmington’s economic AND health recovery from the coronavirus pandemic?

    1. To get rid of the restrictions placed on business owners and citizens as a whole. Each person should decide whether they want to ask their patrons to wear masks, stand 6 feet apart, etc. In turn, patrons would choose where to shop and dine based on how they think particular business are handling the situation. Robust competition would ensue and everyone would be better off for it. The government needs to get out of the way and allow the free market to work. Every day that we continue to put extra stress on our business owners, big or small, and on Wilmingtonians, the more we hurt the economic and health recovery form the coronavirus pandemic.

  5. What policies would you promote for economic development citywide?

    1. Again, reduce restrictions and regulations to allow people to be free. We need to reduce restrictions in our city code to foster and encourage self-business and hiring. Fish for a person, they eat for a day. Let a person fish, they’ll eat for the rest of their lives and give to those who are truly in need.

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