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My answers to the League of Women Voters Delaware VOTE 411 Survey!

Hello friends! Below you'll see the questions from the League of Women Voters Delaware VOTE 411 Survey and my answers to them. Enjoy!


League of Women Voters Delaware VOTE 411 Survey and My Responses


  1. Occupation:

    1. Private Teacher and Tutor

  2. Education:

    1. Kennett High School (1998)

    2. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (B.S. Human Factors Psychology, 2002)

    3. University of Delaware (M.A. Teaching English as a Second Language, 2011)

  3. Work Experience:

    1. Engineering Psychologist, Department of Defense (U.S. Air Force), Edwards AFB, CA (2003–2009)

    2. Mie University, Adjunct Professor, Tsu, Mie Prefecture, Japan (2014–2016)

    3. Suzuka University of Medical Science, Adjunct Professor, Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, Japan (2015– 2016)

    4. Independent Tutor and Teacher, Various Place in the U.S.A., Japan, and Online (1998 – Present)

    5. Graduate Assistant, University of Delaware English Language Institute (2009–2011)

    6. Baby Hugs Hoikuen Teacher, Toyoake, Aichi Prefecture, Japan (2012–2015)

    7. Kumon Instructor, Aisai City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan (2011–2015)

    8. Space Camp Counselor, U.S. Space Camp, Titusville, FL, (Summer 2001)

    9. Office Manager, Microlife Management, Kennett Square, PA, (2002–2003)

  4. Community Involvement:

    1. President, Wilmington Little League (2019-Present)

    2. Secretary, Wilmington Little League (2017-2019)

    3. Little League Coach (2017-2019)

    4. Volunteer at the Sunday Breakfast Mission every month

    5. Teach Sunday School at Faith Baptist Church

    6. Teach a free ESL class at Faith Baptist Church

  5. Additional Information:

    1. Secretary, Libertarian Party of Delaware (2019-Present)

    2. Secretary, New Castle County Libertarian Party (2017-Present)

    3. Secretary, Rank the Vote DE (2020-Present)

    4. I make it to city council meetings as often as my schedule allows me.

    5. In addition to primarily being an English teacher, I also speak Japanese and Esperanto

    6. I am the author on all of the following technical reports from my time as a scientist with the U.S. Air Force:

      1. Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) – Preliminary Report of Results (PRR)-04-13: C-17A Block 15 CIP

      2. AFFTC-Technical Report (TR)-04-14: C-17A Active Noise reduction Aviation Headset Compatibility Test and Evaluation

      3. AFFTC-TR-04-17: C-17 A Standby Engine Display Demonstration

      4. AFFTC-PRR-04-24: C-17A TCAS Overlay

      5. AFFTC-TR-04-31: C-17A Modernized Aircrew Data Transfer Device System Test and Evaluation

      6. AFFTC-TR-04-48: C-17A Block 15 Core Integrated Processor Product Improvement Change Requests Test and Evaluation

      7. AFFTC-TR-04-50: C-17A Traffic Collision Avoidance System Overlay Test and Evaluation

      8. AFFTC-TR-04-51: C-17 Block 15 Integrated System Evaluation (ISE) and Subsystem Demonstration

      9. AFFTC-TR-05-02: Distinguished Visitor Module SOLL II C-17A Aircraft

      10. AFFTC-PRR-05-09: C-17A Redesigned Warning and Caution Annunciation Panel: Block 15 Backward Compatibility Test and Evaluation

      11. AFFTC-PRR-05-13: C-17A MCK/MCD/MCP

      12. AFFTC-PRR-05-28: C-17A Stabilizer Strut

      13. AFFTC-TR-05-41: C-17A WCC/CAWS/WAP

      14. AFFTC-TR-05-43: C-17A MCK/MCD/MCP

      15. AFFTC-TR-05-50: WC-130J Tropical Mission Update

  6. Campaign Questions :

    1. What motivated you to seek or continue in this office?

      1. I was motivated to seek this office after seeing the amount of money being squandered by our council through inefficient programs. We need smart, efficient government that is going to respect tax payers’ dollars and not treat our constituents as a cash cow or never ending dipping well.

    2. What are your qualifications for office, and what differentiates you from the other candidate(s)?

      1. I have nearly six years experience of working for the federal government as a civilian scientist. I’m no stranger to million dollar budgets or dealing with high-ranking government officials.

      2. I have over 20 years teaching experience and running my own one-person business. I understand the importance of saving money and giving the best service/product for the least amount of payment.

      3. I’m familiar with the people of the city through volunteering with the Wilmington Little League. I am acquainted with and understand the problems of everyday people here in Wilmington because I have worked with them directly.

      4. I am set apart from other candidates because I am a Libertarian. Unlike others on city council, I will be offering a very fresh perspective, which is desperately needed. We need to reduce the legislative and financial burdens we have put on the citizens of Wilmington. This is how we create true justice reform and liberty for everyone in the city!

    3. What are the most urgent issues facing the City of Wilmington, and how will you address them?

      1. As lovely and helpful as the people on city council are, we need to have some fresh faces involved to help make our government efficient and smart and not an open check book.

      2. Gun violence stems from drugs being illegal. If we really want to reduce gun violence, give hope instead of jail time to our youth, make police friendly and approachable to our citizens, and reduce racial inequality, we need to petition the state government to end the prohibition on drugs. Treat drug use as a medical condition, not as a criminal offense.

      3. We need to reduce restrictions in our city code to foster and encourage self-business and hiring. Fish for a person, they eat for a day. Let a person fish, they’ll eat for the rest of their lives and give to those who are truly in need.

    4. How do you believe that racial inequity can be reduced/eliminated in Delaware?

      1. To paraphrase Dr. King, we need to judge people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Therefore, as leaders, members of city council shouldn’t be focused on skin color, but focused on their own actions and the actions of others.

      2. I really do believe that racial inequity would be greatly reduced if drugs were made legal and we reduced the amount of laws on the books. If there is not fraud or no initiation of force or coercion, then there is no crime and our laws should reflect this. Give people freedom and see how well they get along, love each other, and help each other out!

    5. What steps can be taken for Wilmington City Council to work more efficiently and cohesively in the future?

      1. Do less and listen more. That way, the concerns of the constituents get heard and acted on.

    6. Wilmington City Council’s actions affect the welfare of city residents. How will you keep the lines of communication open with your constituents?

      1. If elected, I will be giving every penny I receive from this work to local charities picked by the constituents of the 7th district. As a councilman, I would be a servant, ready to give and help out at my expense, not theirs. I will encourage fellow councilors to do the same.

      2. If elected, I will look to create term limits for councilors. This would open the door for more citizens to get involved and serve as well.

      3. If elected, I will meet regular people once a month at various locations in the 7th district (in front of stores, at events, etc.) to ask how they are and how I can be of service. Open and transparent government!

      4. I will give out my e-mail address (or my telephone number to those without computers) and have office hours to meet with constituents. Feel free to reach out to me at and check out my campaign website at! I really hope to earn your vote. Thank you so much.

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